The Makeover Book
101 Design Solutions for Desktop Publishing

Parker, Roger C
Publisher:  Ventana Press, Chapel Hill, USA
Year Published:  1989
Pages:  278pp   Price:  $17.95   ISBN:  0-940087-20-0
Library of Congress Number:  Z286.D47P36   Dewey:  686.2`2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3775

The advent of computer desktop publishing has led many more individuals and groups to tackle the job of producing their own publications. This democratic and laudable development, however, has led to the proliferation of indifferently or ineptly designed print materials, for the fact that it is now technically possible for anyone with a computer and suitable software to design their own brochures or newsletter doesn't mean that they have the design skills to make a good job of it. The Makeover Book is a practical and well put together means for dealing with that problem. Most of the book, some 230 pages, is devoted to "before" and "after" examples of newsletters, ads, brochures, reports, charts, and other documents. In each instance, the author displays the material as originally designed on the left hand page, accompanied by a short commentary analysing why its design shortcomings are. On the right hand page, he presents a redesigned version of the same material, together with an explanation of why he made the changes he did. Each chapter leads off with a short discussion of the considerations involved in designing the particular type of document. (For example, the chapter on newsletters begins with 6 1/2 pages of comments about newsletter design generally.) In addition, there is a chapter on good design which reviews 25 points to consider when designing print materials. The Makeover Book is an excellent, intelligently designed resource which would be of value to any group or individual involved in producing written materials through "desktop publishing".

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