Development Today
A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Organizations

Lant, Jeffrey
Publisher:  JLA Publications, Cambridge MA 02138 USA, USA
Year Published:  1986   First Published:  1980
Pages:  280pp   Price:  24.95   ISBN:  ISBN 0-940374-11-0
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3765

A practical guide for non-profit organizations engaged in fundraising.

Abstract:  Development Today is a practical guide for non-profit organizations engaged in fundraising: in other words, practically all non-profits! A well-organized resource that looks at the planning process, the people and structures needed for a successful campaign, and the written materials required. Many of the major types of fundraising are looked at separately: foundation fundraising, special events, direct mail, and capital campaigns. Perhaps the most useful part of the book is the Samples Section, which features sample letters and documents for almost every fundraising need. These samples, which put the theory into practice, have the potential to save a lot of time even for those who are already experienced practitioners of the art of fundraising.


CHAPTER 1 The Planning Process
CHAPTER 2 The Documents
CHAPTER 3 The People
CHAPTER 4 The Facilitating Session
CHAPTER 5 The Coordination Committee
CHAPTER 6 Fund Raising From Corporations and Foundations
CHAPTER 7 Notes On A Capital Campaign
CHAPTER 8 Organizing Successful Special Events
CHAPTER 9 Essentials Of Direct Mail Fund Raising
CHAPTER 10 A Few Words About Federal Fund Raising
APPENDIX 1 Time Line For Development Planning and Implementation
APPENDIX 2 Your Worst Fears Realized, Or What To Do When The Corporation Or Foundation Declines Your Proposal
Sure-Fire Small Business Success Catalog
Information About How Dr. Jeffrey Lant Can Assist Y our Organization Directly In Raising Funds

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