Saskatchewan Labour
Vol.1, No. 2

Publisher:  Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Pages:  8pp  
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX363

An issue of Saskatchewan focused on wage controls and the effects of the Anti-Inflation Board.

Abstract:  Wage controls and the effects of the Anti-Inflation Board are the main concerns focused on in this issue. The feature article details the strategy and organisation behind the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour's (SFL) campaign to resist controls. It's the largest campaign ever organised by the SFL and is recognised nationally as the most effective of its kind. The basic concern is that free collective bargaining is being destroyed by imposing controls to fight inflation, controls which limit wages but not profits. Examples are given to back up these statements. On the one hand government and corporate economists are predicting continued price increases above 10%. As well the economy is expected to grow by 5% and profits by 12%. On the other hand, the controls limit workers to 2% of the increases in productivity.
Other articles detail the development of a coalition to fight controls, the effects of cutbacks on community services and actual bargaining conditions under these anti-inflation guidelines. Criticism is directed at the New Democratic Parties of Manitoba and Saskatchewan for co-operating with the program. This is judged as an unprincipled attempt to gain votes and the conclusion is reached that the labour force cannot depend on the benevolence of social democrats, liberals, or conservatives.

Periodical profile published 1977
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