Canadian Transport

Year Published:  1977
Pages:  8pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX362

Unemployment and Wage Controls are major issues reported. The annual report. of the Union to the Federal Cabinet in March was introduced by the remark that "never since our beginnings have unions faced such an overwhelming and sinister threat to their very reason for being." The railway unions have been leaders in collective bargaining. In 1973, Mr. Justice Emmet Carter provided a strong precedent by publishing three criteria for wage increases: productivity, cost. of living and catch-up. Wage Control has destroyed years of work to introduce sanity into negotiations. The whole process of collective bargaining has been undermined by a form of compulsory arbitration. In another report, the CLC and NDP reaction to the announcement of current unemployment, figures is recorded. With 932,000 Canadians unemployed, only 37,000 job vacancies were reported. Tax cuts and an end to Wage Controls were singled out, as crucial to a reversal of the situation. Meanwhile, CN Express Division has Announced a "Five-Year Plan" to eliminate About 1,100 workers (a 16.9 % cut-back).
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