These Old Ones
Growing Old in China and in Canada

Publisher:  Development Education in Action, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Pages:  140s   Resource Type:  Slide Show
Cx Number:  CX358

A slide tape presenation about what it means to be old in Canadian society.

"Old people don't have to be satisfied with what is now, and the purpose of the slide-tape is to stimulate such thinking." The slide-tape montage is the result of an effort by a Toronto-based group covering about one year of study, discussion, and work. This group is mainly, but not entirely, made up of retired Canadian citizens. They state: "We felt the need to clarify in our own minds how we are understood and misunderstood by the power groups and image-makers of contemporary society. For comparison and contrast we looked at another civilization (China) much older than ours, but also going through great change during the last half-century".
THESE OLD ONES may be used with a variety of groups which are concerned with learning about aging, being old, old people, now and in the years ahead. Such groups may be in schools, libraries, community colleges, universities, churches, and other community based settings. It can help all of us reflect on the society we have helped to create, to assess what is going on, and discover fresh challenges for the years ahead.
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