Films For A Peaceful Planet
Periodical profile published 1988

Publisher:  National Film Board of Canada, 1988
Year Published:  1988  
Pages:  20pp   ISBN:  0-7722-0137-4
Book Type:  Catalogues
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX3487

Abstract:  This film and video resource guide on the subject of peace presents information about a wide variety of films, for children and for adults, many suitable for public showings or to stimulate discussions. They range from short animated films to full-length documentaries, and from the whimsical to the shocking. The guide includes a chart of all the films indicating their length, for which age groups they are suitable, and the subjects they deal with. The NFB is also offering seven films for peace studies, Images for a Peaceful Planet, on a single video. The NFB also has an electronic reproduction policy which enables any non-profit organization such as a school board to obtain a license to make unlimited video copies of an NFB production. The cost is the regular price for the master copy, plus $3 per minutes for as many copies as you wish to make and distribute for three years.

Subject Headings

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