An Invitation to a Celebration of Life
Nonviolent Alternatives to Nuclear Aggression

Publisher:  Pacific Life Community, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Pages:  2pp   Price:  Free   Resource Type:  Photo/Image/Poster
Cx Number:  CX341

An invitation to training sessions about the movement to stop the contrction of the Trident submarine in the Vancouver B.C./Bangor WA area.

This flyer is really a circulated letter inviting those interested to the "Bangor Summer" experience. The Pacific Life Community consists of people living in small communities along the West Coast of Canada and the United States who have undertaken a non violent lifestyle and a common project to stop the
development of the Trident submarine, whose main base will be located at Bangor, Washington. Trident is an immense nuclear attack submarine being developed by the American military with Canadian help. Its presence in Bangor threatens the entire Vancouver/ Victoria area with annihilation.
Bangor Summer will be a time for people to engage in training/action including group action, civil disobedience and symbolic direct actions. The focus for action is disruption of the base's normal functioning. Under this umbrella, Bangor Summer will call for respect of International Law (violated by the very construction of Trident Submarines). "We would also hope that our actions will speak not only to our resistance to nuclear arms, but also our joy for life and hope for the future". First training session will begin June 30 and action will continue to the middle of August.
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