Enough is Enough
Aboriginal Women Speak Out

Silman, Janet
Publisher:  The Women's Press
Year Published:  1988
ISBN:  ISBN 0-88961-119-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3394

Enough Is Enough relates the life experiences of Native women in the Tobique Women's Group, located in New Brunswick. They tell of their experiences growing up on the Tobique Indian Reserve and of their successful fight to retain status rights after "marrying out" to whites.
Beginning as a "core" group in the mid-1970s, these women wanted to eliminate social problems such as unemployment, suicide, lack of proper health care and housing shortages. As they became more aware of the political roots of these problems, they began to focus on the portion of the Indian Act which discriminated against women by making their identity and status as Indians dependent upon their husbands. In 1977, they began to make the Canadian public aware of Native women's problems by taking their case against Canada to the United Nations.
The book describes their frustrations, disappointments, anguish -- and victories.
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