Star-Phoenix Special Report on Literacy

Calamai, Peter; O'Connor, Kevin; Olijnyk, Zena; Petrie, Ron; & Spencer, Beverly
Publisher:  The Leader-Post
Year Published:  1988  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3388

Abstract:  This booklet, prepared and distributed by Saskatoon newspapers, contains articles defining illiteracy, surveys of the extent of illiteracy in various segments of the Canadian population, reports of projects trying to remedy illiteracy and ideas for community and school efforts. There is also a 15 page section of suggested uses of newspapers in classrooms from kindergarten through high school to enhance literacy, an appropriate contribution in the light of findings that not everyone who goes to school necessarily learns to read. Of particular interest is the article about functional illiteracy rates among prison inmates, which in Saskatchewan ranges between 50% and 60%. Interviews with persons attempting literacy programs in these institutions reveal no false optimism among them, but plenty of determination to get their programs established on a permanent basis. The booklet should interest not only teachers, but also community workers involved in various kinds of literacy programs.
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