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Year Published:  1988
Resource Type:  Organization
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Connexions has published multiple abstracts on tecNICA.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1988:

tecNICA is a private non-profit agency which since 1984 has arranged regular volunteer work tours of Nicaragu. tecNICA's Technical Support Program is away for people to put their technical or professionals skills to work in Nicaragua. Volunteers willing to donate two weeks or more of their time are matched with projects in a wide variety of fields, including computers, engineering, banking manufacturing, etc. tecNICA is Nicaragua's largest non-government provider of technical assistance. Volunteers pay their own fare and room and board.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1991:

The tecNICA Foundation, which has been providing a variety of technical assistance to Nicaragua, is continuing with its work despite the election of the UNO opposition in Nicaragua. Tecnica says that "we are continuing to focus on Nicaragua because it is still in the forefront of social struggle. Productive factories and land may be turned over to private owners, children may starve and be denied medicine but it won't be accepted as natural. The revolution is now part of Nicaragua's soul. The people will not be submissive. They will fight back." Accordingly Tecnica is working directly with popular organizations in Nicaragua such as the National Union of Farmers and Ranchers. Tecnica is also considering involvement in South Africa and with Canada's Native people, noting that "our charitable registration in no way restricts us to serving any particular country of community, only to helping communities that want to help themselves." Contact Tecnica, Box 81, Station G, Toronto Ontario M4M 3E8, (416) 691-1529.

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