A Guide To Basic Print Production

Publisher:  Intermediate Technology Development Group
Year Published:  1985
Price:  $9.75   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3347

This series of four instructional books is intended primarily for use in education and development work, although it would be of value to anyone concerned with the design and production of simple printed materials. The four books are: "Planning the Project"; "Designing and producing artwork"; "Printing Processes"; and "Managing Resources". The approach is a popular education approach, not a technical how-to one (although how-to information is also solidly presented). A good deal of time is spent discussing the why's of presenting a message a certain way, in suggesting questions to be asked, and in posing alternatives and encouraging reflection about their consequences. The advantages of different types of printing technologies and approaches are discussed, and summarized in chart format. (For example, some techniques have the advantage of not needing electricity, but the disadvantage of being slower. How sensible is it to undertake an approach that relies on electricity in a particular setting where electricity supply in unreliable?) The whole package is an excellent resource.

Subject Headings

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