Foodland and Stewardship

Riddell, Jack
Publisher:  Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  20pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3299

Foodland Stewardship is a brief which was presented to Ontario Agriculture Minister Jack Riddell by the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario. It argues for the following ideas: A conservation ethic must be encouraged in our urban and rural communities. An independent Foodland Stewardship Institute should be established. Opportunities exist to develop alternative farming systems that are more stewardly. Direct grants should involve the dedication of land to conservation banks or buffer strips. A Foodland Stewardship Commission is needed to deliver government support, services and regulations for foodland steweardship. Compliance with foodland stewardship goals should become a part of many existing support programs for agriculture. Foodland Stewardship expresses concern about farming methods which cause degradation of the land, for example continuous corn production, monoculture of potatoes, short-term leases, separation of crop from livestock production, liquid manure disposal from livestock intensive farms, bigger machinery, fence row removal, increased fertilizer use, and excessive tillage. "These practices tend to leave soil exposed to the elements, reduce mocrobial life and reduce the amount of organic matter returned to the soil." Agricultural chemicals are seen as a mixed blessing at best. Farming practices are seen as contributing to erosion and phosphorus pollution of lakes and rivers. Policy changes are seen as necessary to encourage and enable farmers to make changes in their farming practices.

Subject Headings

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