State of the World

Brown, Lester R.
Publisher:  Norton, Markham, Canada
Year Published:  1987  
Pages:  268pp   ISBN:  0-393-30389-6
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3278

Abstract:  A reference book on "the world's resources and how they are being managed." Separate chapters deal with population growth and patterns, urbanization, nuclear power, electrification in the Third World, recycling, sustainable agriculture, and the use of chemicals. An introductory chapter focuses on thresholds of change, while the final two chapters look at "Designing Sustainable Economics" and "Charting a Sustainable Course." A central theme of STATE OF THE WORLD 1987 is that "The scale of human activities threatens the habitability of the earth itself. A sustainable society satisfies its needs without diminishing the prosepects of the next generation. But by meany measures, contemporary society fails to meet this criterion." Over 80 tables and figures are included, as well a comprehensive index.
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