Annual Report. Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility TCCR

Year Published:  1987
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3252

The Taskforce on churches and Corporate Responsibility (TCCR) is an ecumenical coalition whose role is to raiise public awareness of social injustice and corporate behaviour. The taskforce urges corporation to correct policies, and to cease activities that contribute to social injustice. It also submits briefs to government communities.

The TCCR's major activities of the past year are summarized in this Report. Half of the booklet deals with South Africa; including are quotes from the TCCR's briefs to government committees and to Canadian corporations with operations in South Africa (i.e. Alcan). They also look at the occupation of Namibia, the situation in Chile, Nicaragua, and environmental and economic issues in Canda.

For $25, the task force sends out press clippings and briefs ten times a year.
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