Great Lakes Toxic Hotspots Map

Year Published:  1987
Resource Type:  Photo/Image/Poster
Cx Number:  CX3222

This 34" x 32" colour map shows graphically the "hotspots" of toxic waste pollution in the Great Lakes watershed. A total of 343 industries, hazardous waste sites, and municipalities are marked and identified on the map. A commentary on the map notes that 37 million people living in teh Great Lakes basin depend on th Lake for theri dringing water, recreation, and industrial uses, and that the Lakes are under continuing assault from toxic chemical contamination. It points out that "over 800 chemicals have been identified in the Great Lakes. They come from leaking dump sites, surface run-off, air pollution fallout, and direct discharges from industry and municipal sewage treatment plants.

This map is an attempt to help people justify trouble spots, and those responsible for them, to help them plan action. The commentary nates that "the quality of water is one of the most important factors for human health, economic vitality, and ecosystem stability.

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