Canada and the Global Food System

Year Published:  1987
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3199

The article looks at the food system within Canada with an eye to how we fit into the global system. Secitons include "Food Distribution: Concentration and control," "Food from to product," "The Canadian Farm Scene," Food with justice": amd "the Future.

The text deals principally with how our social and economic structures determine that some will go hungry, while others have access to more resources than they could ever use. Discussion then progress to themes such as how our industrialized food system works so that perfectly good food is discarded to make room for yet more production, how the people in charge of the food system are not in business to make distribution equiable but to make a profit, how Canadian farmers are experiencing a decline in net income, and a forecast of what the future holds. Some guidelines are given for future productions to provide food for all.
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