Curing Nuclear Madness

Year Published:  1986
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3172

Writing for a general audience Frank Sommers and Tana Dineen diagnose the nuclear arm threat as a widespread psychological disease. Sommers is the founding president of the Canadian Physicians for Social Repsnsibility; Dineen is a founding member of the Canadian Psychologists for Nuclear Responsibility.

They advance "split-brain theory", the theory that the left side of the brain functions analytically, and the right side functions effectively and intuitively. Using this theory, the authors analyze the mindset of both those who promote nuclear weapons and those who feel powerless to stop them. They suggest that society needs to develop the right side of the brain, the side of imagination and sensuousness.

The chapeter "How to Become Sensuous and Save the World" suggest 10 concrete steps for individuals to counter the neclear threat. A subsequent chapter is directed to specific groups: politicians, media people, medical professionals, psychologists, religious leaders, teachers, parents, and children. Further resources including books, films and tapes are listed at the end.

Subject Headings

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