Stepping Out of Line
A Workbook on Lesbianism and Feminism

Hughes, Nym; Johnson, Yvonne; Perrault, Yvette
Publisher:  Press Gang Publishers, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1984  
Pages:  298pp   Price:  $12.95 + $1.25 postage  
Dewey:  306.7663
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3140

Abstract:  Society has called lesbians everything from deviants to biological freaks. The reasons for this are not hard to find. By living outside a traditinal female role, lesbians seriously challenge existing social structures. In portraying lesbianism as a sickness, any woman who is independent or assertive can be kept in line by the fear of being labelled a lesbian.

STEPPING OUT OF LINE: A WORKSHOP ON LESBIANISM AND FEMINISM takes lesbianism out of the realm of fear and misinformation. One of the book's central features is a guided script for workshop that brings women together to investigate the emotional and political links between lesbianism and feminism. Thre is detailed information on facilitating workshops and adapting the script to various groups: students, unions, profissional associations, etc.

The remainder of the book, "Organizing for Change," combines personal stories, analysis and practical strategies for change. Lovers and Sexuality, Psychiatry, The Law, Families, Working In Political Movements, and Building a Lesbian Movement are some of the topics covered. Finding Lesbian Resources lists relevant Canadian and American contact groups, publishers, bookstores, publicaitons and other media.

STEPPING OUT OF LINE is published by Press Gang Publishers, a feminist, anti-capitalist publishing collective "committed to growing and amplifying the message of women whose thoughts and energies are directed toward change." Its publication are available at bookstores, or can be ordered from the above address.

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