The Newsmagazine for Alberta Women
Periodical profile published 1986

Year Published:  1986  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX3133
Inactive/Defunct Periodical
Abstract:  The NEWSMAGAZINE FOR ALBERTA WOMEN is a new feminist monthly designed to fill the gap in the coverage of the women's movement in Alberta, and issues in women's lives. Before the first issue appeared, women throughout the province responded enthusiastically to a questionnaire on the idea.

The first editorial, in the July issue, recognizes that although women are united by common experiences, they are also divided by class, ethnicity, race and sexual orientation. Abortion, lesbian rights and pornography have challenged the community and often resulted in hard lines being drawn."

While recognizing the complexity of these issues, the editors don't intend to define or suggest a "correct line," but "do not believe that any one position is correct for all women for all time."

The magazine has a news format with articles about events and organizations in Alberta, Ottawa, Turkey and Greece, as well as stories on women fire wardens, censorship issues, and the United Nations Decade of Women.

Subject Headings

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