Kai Visionworks
Organization profile published 1984

Year Published:  1984
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2996

Connexions has published multiple abstracts on Kai VisionWorks.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1984:

KAI VISIONWORKS is a non-profit worker controlled media collective. Its extensive slide library contains thousands of slides on topics related to social change issues. The library is strong in the areas of violence, pollution, water, Native peoples, maps, graphics, and North, Central and South America; its collection is growing on the topics of agism, class, sexism and racism. Groups wanting to supplement their own slide shows can contact KAI VISIONWORKS, they will be mailed a descritipn of specific slides, graphics and titles that are available and relevant, as well as estimated costs. Donation of slides are welcome.

KAI VISIONWORKS also produces and rents slide shows. These include: Masculiinity and Violence, which comes with an audio tape, bibliography, footnotes and discussion ideas and which examines how males are conditioned to solve conflicts with power, and what can be done about it. How to Make a Sklide Show covers research, scripting, recording, pacing, asseembly, etc., for making an effective slide show with easily available equipemnt. The Frog and the Pond is a 30 minute show examining the poisoning of Native poples and water by mercury. Active Non-Violence traces the history and development of ''satyagraha" (truth-force) of Gandhi.

The name of the collective honours Kai Yutah Clouds, a co-worker assassinated by the Guatemalan government while researching the current genocide of Native poples in Central America.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1986:

KAI VISIONWORK is a worker-controlled media collective helping grass roots organizations make slide shows for social change. A slide library for social change activists has more than 5,000 slides under a variety of heading (Consumerism, Energy, Native Peoples, Peace, Pollution, Racism, Sexism, Third World, Violence, Women, etc.) Topics range from the University of Peace in Belgium to graves as Wounded Knee and from food production in Zimbawe to mercury polluted waters in Canada.

KAI VISIONWORKS also has a slide show on HOW TO MAKE SLIDE SHOW FOR SOCIAL CHANGE. The name honours co-worker Kai Yutah Clouds, assassinated by the Guatemalan government while researching the genocide of Native peoples in Central America.

Slide shows for rent or sale are: Masculinity and Violence; The Frog and The Pond (Mercury Poisoning); How to Make a Slide Show; Animal Rights; Active Non-Violence.

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