The Nuclear Free Press
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Year Published:  1984  
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Abstract:  The purpose of The Nuclear Free Press (NFP), published quarterly, is to provide up-to-date news and analysis for the general public, and for groups and individuals fighting against nuclear power and nuclear weapons." While the focus is primarily on Ontario, the publication includes "International reports," a section which provides summaries of significant anti-nuclear events around the world. Book reviews are included in the "Resources" section. NFP is funded by the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG).

Several articles in the Fall 1983 issue of NUCLEAR FREE PRESS focus on the policies and practices of Ontario Hydro, and the attempts to challenge this powerful commission. The serious implications of the CANDU's first loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) at Pickering in August 1983 are examined. Plans to complete an independent study on the economic consequences of canceling the giant Darlington nuclear plant are detailed. Another article outlines the efforts of residents in fourteen townships to stop the construction of a huge transmission line through prime agricultural land. Readers are urged to pressure provincial politicians to create a Hydro Task Force II, to fully consider the "function, structure, operation, financing, and objectives of Ontario Hydro and the 324 municipal electrical utilities." Issue 19 also contains articles on the movement for an independent, nuclear-free Pacific, and the role of nuclear weapons in American foreign policy.

The Winter, 1984 edition features an article comparing the "Hard Energy Path" of non-renewable fuels, natural gas and nuclear-generated electricity, with the "Soft Energy Path" of renewable fuels, bio-mass and solar power. The article critiques the "Soft Energy Path" as proposed by Friends of the Earth (CX 2900) and uses GATT-FLY's "Power to Choose" (CX 2899) to explain and critique the "Hard Energy Path."

Past issues of NUCLEAR FREE PRESS are available from the above address, at 75 cents per copy. These issues include:
- Issue 16: Peace groups under attack; Live better electrically; Chalk River shipment; Near disaster fire at Eldorado.
- Issue 17: Boom and bust in Canada's uranium industry; Ten myths about the Cold War; Fission chips; Canada and the H-bomb.
- Issue 18: High-tech militarism; Emergency planning at Pickering; Non-violence: a means of waging conflict; Utility reform debate.
- Issue 19: What happened at Pickering?; The movement for a nuclear-free Pacific; History of U.S. first strike threats; Radiation exposure standards.

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