The Non-Nuclear Way: Creative Energy Alternatives for Canada

Rosenblum, Simon
Publisher:  Regina Group for a Non-Nuclear Society, Regina, Canada
Year Published:  1984  
Pages:  112pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2907

Abstract:  This book argues that "nuclear power is an unacceptable and unnecessary risk" and that "we do have a choice."

A substantial part of the analysis is devoted to the problems and risks of nuclear energy: the dangers of the nuclear fuel system, the risks to miners and workers in uranium mining and handling, the problems of reactor safety, the unknown dangers of low-level radiation, the frightening legacy of nuclear wastes, and the ease with which peaceful nuclear technology can be adapted to military ends.

The second half of the book deals with energy alternatives, starting with conservation: using energy more efficiently, less wastefully, reducing energy consumption while raising standards of living. The author points out that conservation is not primarily a matter of doing without, but much more a matter of marching the right kind of energy source to particular needs. Individual chapters deal with solar energy and biomass.

The author concludes that "a continuation of 'business as usual' will not and cannot meet our energy or environmental needs. We need introduction of renewable technologies which stresses their efficacy in the overall transition rather than the narrow criterion of profitability. Energy policy "has been decided on the basis of technical feasibility, efficiency and profit and not on the basis of its social, political and environmental effects. This was never tolerable in the past, but it is now suicidal."

Subject Headings

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