Friends of the Earth / Les Amis De La Terre
Organization profile published 1984

Year Published:  1984  
Resource Type:  Organization
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Abstract:  Friends of the Earth is a federation of 20 Canadian environmental groups working towards a conserver society for Canada. Its objectives are to take a leadership role in national environmental issues, such as renewable energy and toxic chemicals, to raise environmental concerns with the federal government, and to facilitate communication among environmentalists within Canada and between them and environmentalists throughout the world.

The Soft Path Study by FRIENDS (written by David Brooks, John Robinson, and Ralph Torrie) is part of the continuing work to show that Canadians can have economic development while preserving the environment. The study was undertaken by researchers from across the Canada and over a period of two years. It demonstrates that Canada does not need the hydro dams, nuclear power plants, and Arctic oil drilling which threaten the environment. It shows that a Canadian energy strategy based on conservation and renewable energy resources is technically feasible and economically sound.

FRIENDS is pressing, in its meetings with government official and MPs, for implementation of the Soft Energy Path as part of government policy. As well, the group is publicizing the findings through a paperback version of the study entitled Life After Oil (available from the above address for $13.40, postage included).

Friends of the Earth has developed a comprehensive programme to address the most serious environmental problem of the 1980s: toxic chemical pollution. The federation is also actively campaigning for the elimination of lead from gasoline and for more stringent automobile emission standards. In a brief to the government supporting a phased elimination of lead from gasoline, the group drew attention to the potential hazards of the manganese based lead substitute, MMT.

Friends of the Earth is taking a close look at the link between two important issues: nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The results of this investigation into the means by which the "peaceful" use of atomic power is fuelling the arms race will be published in book form in future.

Publication of the group's quarterly journal, Alternatives, provides in-depth analysis of the environmental issues such as acid rain, toxic wastes, and environmental ethics.

Ottawatch is a bi-monthly publication of news about the federal government's environmental activities. It aims to inform environmentalists of opportunities to make their views known to the federal government on issues of mutual concern.

A quarterly publications of news and scientific information on toxic chemicals, InFOEtox, is published as part of the group's toxic chemicals programme.

As well, the group has a publication and distribution service, "InfoEarth", which specializes in books on energy and the environment.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1984.
See also CX675, CX2162.
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