Getting There
Producing Photostories With Immigrant Women

Barndt, Deborah, Cristall, Ferne, Marino, Dian
Publisher:  Between The Lines, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1983
Pages:  110pp   ISBN:  0-919946-29-1
Library of Congress Number:  HQ1453.B37   Dewey:  305.4'0971
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2881

Photostories about immigrant women surviving in and adapting to a new culture.

GETTING THERE is a story of immigrant women surviving in and adapting to a new culture. It is about social obstacles: the barrier of language, the lack of decent work, and the dominant, distorted images of women seen everywhere. The methodology - producting photostories with immigrant women - used in the production of the stories starts from the issue of everyday life and encourages people to talk to each other about their experiences. The basic principle is that people learn andtake action best when they explore common issues together.

Along with the photostories are short background essays on immigrant women and work and on the contradictions between advertising images and by lives of women. The book also contains a step-by-step introduction to "How the Photostories Were Made" and an activities and discussion guide.

Subject Headings

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