Skookum Jim Friendship Centre
Organization profile published 1983
Year Published:  1983
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2867

The SKOOKUM JIM FRIENDSHIP CENTRE has evolved from its beginning in 1961 as Skookum Jim Friendship Hall, a centre run by the Indian Advancement Society, to full membership in the National Association of Friendship Centres. The centre's goals are to promote cross-cultural understanding and communication and to support Indians moving from outlying communities into Whitehorse. It also serves as an umbrella organization, housing a number of programs.

Some of these are: (1) a training program as part of Skookie's building program. A new facility is being built which is part new construction, part retrofitting. Representatives from each of the 12 bands are being trained as community energy specialists with accreditation from the Dept. of Education. There is also a carpentry upgrading program through Manpower. Two video tapes are being produced, one technical and one promotional. These will be available to the bands along with written materials. (2) Hawshagoonsa-coo. The mandate of this program is to hire personnel who can't be placed in a normal work situaiton and to help them develop appropriate skills. (3) SEARCH (Skookie's Education-Addiciton-Recreation-Counselling Haven). This program is run by one of the two NNADAP workers in Whitehorse. (Northern Native Alcohol and Drug Addiction Program). Its goal are to develop cultural and recreational programs as laternatives to drinking, and orgive support to NNADAP workers in the communities. A Native theatre planning committee has been formed. The SEARCH staff person has written a series of articles on "Relapse Syndrome" for Yukon Indian New, and is planning a workshop on thiis topic.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1983.

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