Societe Makivik Corporation
Organization profile published 1983
Year Published:  1983
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2844

The SOCIETE MAKIVIK was organized and constituted in November 1982, by the Indigenous Peoples of Quebec Conference. Its primary aim is to negotiate with the Province of Quebec for recognition of the fundamental rights of aboriginal nations to remain distinct nations and not be assimilated.

MAKIVIK petitioned the Quebec government in November, 1982 to support the constitutional position of the aboriginal nations of Quebec at the First Ministers' Conference on Aboriginal Consitutional Matters. Premier Levesque's reply in February, 1983 stated quite clearly that while Quebec was willing to recognize the rights of aboriginal nations...."these rights are to be exercised by them as part of the Quebec community and hence would not imply rights of sovereignty that could affect the territorial integrity of Quebec." Quebec, subsequently, did not sign the Constitutional Accord on Aboriginal Rights.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1983.

MAKIVIK has documentation which outlines its purpose, the petitions sent to the Province of Quebec and the subsequent First Ministers' Conference, and the results of its strategies.
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