New Dawn Enterprises
Organization profile published 1983

Year Published:  1983  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2802

Abstract:  NEW DAWN ENTERPRISE LTD., incorporated in 1976, is a form of Community Development Corporation (CDC) adapted to the especial needs of the industrial cape Breton area of Nova Scotia. Like other CDC's, it is an attempt to mobilize both government and voluntary resources in such a way as to contribute to a solution of problems which are both economic and social.It is a non-profit organization; revenues generated are re-invested into future community- oriented programs and used to create jobs.
A number of legally separate but related organizations form part of the NEW DAWN complex; these include the Shining Waters Housing Association and the Cape Breton Association for Co-op Development.
All projects and operations are served by one core staff which provides the basic business management role. NEW DAWN activities can be divided into three broad ares: business, social and cultural.
The business base of NEW DAWN is real estate and construction; however, it is prepared to initiate any sort of business enterprise as it is economically viable and will improve the community.To date, the division has focused on the housing problem in Cape Breton. It has 125 housing units under its managment. The degree of participation in a venture can vary- it may provide small business technical expertise to private entrepreneurs, it may assume an equity position with outside investors,or it may found a project fully.
NEW DAWN is exploring high technology in relation to community development. One such experiment is the TELEDON videotext system. The CDC's research and develpoment consulting subsidiary,Highland Resources, has the necessary skills to market TELEDON technology in the areas of product marketing and promotion, institutional training, graphics, design specifications, market reports, and annual reports.
The social development division of NEW DAWN has initiated a number of projects, such as the operation of a senior citizens home, a resouce centre,an information referral service, and a financial counselling service.
In response to the area's shortage of dentists, NEW DAWN outfitted dental facilities to them to the community.
The Cape Breton School of Crafts is partially supported by NEW DAWN and other initiatives have been undertaken to assist in the development of local culture.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1983.
See also CX252, CX2667.

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