Community Forum on Shared Responsibility
Organization profile published 1983

Year Published:  1983
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2780

The COMMUNITY FORUM ON SHARED RESPONSIBILITY is a Toronto socila justice network which supports groups struggling with issues of justice, publicizes models of change, and holds forums on current issues.

On May 18, 1983, the COMMUNITY FORUM held a workshop on "Creating jobs for Ourselves and Others". The workshop fearured speakers from New Dawn and Bridgehead Tading, as well as several case studies in which participants discussed how they might structure a specific economic initiative.

Speakers shared practical advice with participants. It was noted, for example, that many government grants sap a great deal or organizational energy but leave no long term result. Successful projects are those which convert short term employment grants into long term assets. Also stressed was the importance of having a sense of vision linked to financial caution in any successful project.

Tim Rees of New Dawn outlined some of the particular strengths of Commmunity Development Corporations as a vehicle for community based initiatives. For example, CDC's:
- use private development techniques for public purposes;
- target benefits to those communities and individuals in need;
- mobilize local initiatives to address local priorities;
- take a long-term approach to development;
- link complementary projects with a comprehensive strategy.

Participants in this forum are now trying to develop a concrete plan for translating the ideas expressed into reality.

This organization no longer exists.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1983.
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