Emerging Co-operatives in Ontario

Jordan, John
Publisher:  The Co-operators, Guelph, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX278

Summary of information collected after visiting over 600 co-operative groups in Ontario.

Abstract:  This paper summarizes information collected during field research of August to September, 1975. Over 600 groups were found in Ontario which function as co-operatives and whose members think of them as co-opertive organizations.

They operate in the following areas: food, nursery, day care, settlements, arts and crafts, workers' and housing projects. It is certain that these are not all the emerging co-operatives in Ontario.

The basic conclusion was that the emerging co-operatives are an extensive and growing phenomenon, becoming stronger each day. Networks are developing among the groups which share many common values, aims and problems. The emerging group should be of significance to older, more established co-operatives in the province.

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