Ethical Reflections on the economic crisis

Year Published:  1983  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2765

January 1983 statement by the Canadian Roman Catholic Bishops.

Abstract:  This January 1983 statement by the Canadian Roman Catholic Bishops makes the point that labour should take precedence over profit. In these economic times especially, labour should be the focus of recovery.
Two guiding proponents of 1) " a preferential option for the poor, the afflicted and the oppressed"; and, 2) "the special value and dignity of human work in God's plan for Creation", plus their own experiences of the personal effects of plant shut-downs, etc., has lead the Bishop's Conference to speak out on the economic crisis.

In developing strategies for economic recovery they suggest:
-that the needs of the poor have priority over the wants of the rich;
-the rights of workers are more important that the maximization of profits; and
-the participation of marginalized groups has precedence over the preservation of a system that excludes them.

The Bishops list six short-term strategies to be followed by both government and business, which focus on job creation for the unemployed.

The four page paper outlines Canada's involvement in the world economic crisis and suggests ways of responding which will benefit Canadian workers. It concludes with a six step guideline for study and action.

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