Vancouver Co-operative Radio
Organization profile published 1983

Year Published:  1983  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2752

Abstract:  VANCOUVER CO-OPERATIVE RADIO is a "copoperatively owned, non-commercial, listeneer supported, community access radio station." Membership is open to any community member 16 years of age or older, to incorporated groups and to certified unions. CFRO broadcasts daily in Vancouver; it is also available to cable subscribers in over 25 other B.C. communities.

CFRO is an alternative to the sexist protrayal of men and women that prevails on most commercial stations. The gay and lesbian communities produce two shows weekly: "Coming Out" and "The Lesbian Show". "Women Vision"" and "Rubymusic" provides news, book, movie and threatre reviews, interviews, music and announcements of upcoming women's events. News about women in the labour movement is covered by the programme "Union Made."

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1983.
See also CX3062, CX122.
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