Le Tremplin
Vol. 3 #2 - Periodical profile published 1977

Year Published:  1977  
Pages:  12pp   Price:  $2.00 (annual)  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX269

Newsletter produced by a group whose main work is finding employment and support for ex-inmates.

Abstract:  Le Tremplin is produced by a group of councillors funded by the Department of Manpower and Immigration's Extension Programme. Their main work is finding employment and support for ex-inmates and educating the public about the plight of former prisoners. Owing to the radical stance they have taken (i.e. in a commitment to the abolition of prisons), they and their paper have been refused entry by many federal institutions. Feature article of this issue is their report to the House of Commons' Justice Sub-committee Inquiry into the Penal System. This report is divided into three parts: (1) a description of the state of inmates upon release. (2) their explanation for the cause of these conditions, and (3) their recommendations for change. Focus of the report is on the lack of education opportunities within the system, particularly certified training. Other articles include a mention of difficulties encountered by a halfway house in Joliette, a request for suport of Amnesty International, a comment on the proposed construction of three prisons in South Drummondville, and a denunciation of Bill C-2Y.

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