You might think you're superior but I think I'm equal

Year Published:  1982  
Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX2683

Abstract:  Teachers and students in English Montreal schools prepared this video-cassette to look at ways that racism manifests itself in their lives and to explore some of the reasons for its staying power in Canadian society. In this video, interviews are combined with dramatizations of situaitons that the students have experienced. One instance shows how a young Black girl tries to cope with harrassment by two white boys in a school hallway. A second dramatic scene beweent a white and a Black boy is acted out as we hear the boy's story of how the girl's parents interfered with, finally broke up their relationship.

According to the students all manner of people display racist attitudes: bus drivers who harrass Black girls more than white girls; unfair policemen who assume Blacks to be guilty before investigation; storekeepers, prejudiced parents and peers. They get their ideas of superiority; according to the video, from many sources such as western movies on TV, high school textbooks, and comic books.

For the students involved, the discussion is clearly not just academic. They express frustration, hurt, and anger, and debate possible solutions.

The style of the video is open-ended and question-raising, in keeping with the intention thatit be used as a resource to stimualte disucssion, especially in the classroom situation.

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