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Year Published:  1982  
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Abstract:  Based in Ottawa, MATCH is an international centre designed to match the resources (information, expertise, personnel, euqipment, funds) and needs of Canadian women with those women in developing countries. The organization maintains a project clearing house, a talent bank, and an information and resource centre. Two of its main objectives are: to encourage Canadian women's involvement in Third World projects and in development education programmes at home; and to sensitize Canadian women to the reality of women's lives in Third World Countries.

Since its founding in 1976, MATCH has established a network throughout Canada and in 120 other countries. Over 60 projects have been completed or are underway. Since the aim is to promote grassroots action and self-reliance, each project must be proposed and implemented by women in that country for the benefit of the local community. The emphasis is on small projects, requiring funding of $5000 CDN or less.

One such project is the Education and Skill Training Project in Grenada, involving 25 women in a rural community. Phase one of the two-year project will focus on child care skills, nutirition (e.g. encouraging the substitution of local food for imports), health care, and development of a sense of personal dignity and worth. In the second phase, participants will receive skills training to prepare them to undertake viable economic projects such as co-operatives and cottage industries in food production and processing.

At the recent MATCH annual conference delegates explored the images projected by the media which affect Canadian views of Third World women. Topics included rural women's work, primary health care, and women's labor in industry (e.g. electronics).

MATCH members receive newsletter six times a year.

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