So Far From Home: Chileans In Exile

Year Published:  1982  
Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX2615

Abstract:  Producer/director Victor Dobchuk explores the motivations and stuggles of Winnipeg's Chilean community as it seeks to adapt to new conditions while maintaining its culture and continuing its resistence to the Pinochet junta. Through the life and work of Chilean folk singer Hugo Torres, Dobchuck examines the contrdictions inherent in such a situation: the problem of maintaining an active commitement to their struggle in the face of the attractions and pressures of Canadian society. Nearly a decade has passed since the coup. Hugo, who now has married a Canadian woman and has children, says that he must and will return to his homeland. He cannot ignore the suffering of his people, nor can he forget the hopes that were dashed in September 1973. In the meantime he works with others in the Chilean community playing music with the folk group Retaguardia, trying top keep the spirit of Chile alive.

The film, two years in the making, involved the creative energies of several local filmmakers and Chilean individuals, organizations, and musicians. Financial support was provided by tHe Multicultural Department of the Secretary of State, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Manitoba Department of Cultural Affairs, the National Film Board, and CUSO (Manitoba-Northwest Ontario Region). It will be available for distribution the summer of 1982. Details can be obtained from the Winnipeg Film Group, a filmmakers co-operative, which holds distribution and copy rights.

Subject Headings

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