Women's Services Directory
Periodical profile published 1982

Year Published:  1982
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2592

Regina Healthsharing Inc. is an organization of women and adolescents that "was founded to research and implement change in the special area of women's health". This group defines health in a broad way as a "state of complete physical, mental and social well-being." In addition, RHI believes that women's health needs are different from thos of men. The present male-dominated approach to health care is said to aggravate women's health problems or deal inadequately with them. RHI stresses that the social inequality of women and men exhibits itself in the health care system. RHI therefore encourages women "to demand that we participate more actively in our health care, and that treatment be of a broader scope."

It is within this context that the RHI published a WOMEN'S SERVICE DIRECTORY for use by women of Regina, Saskatchewan. The main section of the DIRECTORY lists a wide variety of types of services for women, including Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Career Counselling, Housing, Legal Services, Fitness, and Violence Against Women. Within each category related services are listed. For each service the following information is given: addresses and phone numbers; name of contact person; eligibility; fees; referral process; availability of childcare; and a description of the services.

Also appearing in the DIRECTORY is a list of women's organizations, a reading list on women's issues, and a list of emergency and other useful phone numbers. The RHI sees progressive health care as "a right, not a privilege." This DIRECTORY is perceived to be a step in the process towards giving women more choice and control over their health care.
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