A Fair Deal For Manitoba

Year Published:  1982
Resource Type:  Photo/Image/Poster
Cx Number:  CX2568

"Yes I am concerned about the adverse effects of Liberal economic policies in Manitoba. Please send my message to L, Axworthy and P. Trudeau in Ottawa: I support the retention of the Crow Rate. Interest rates must come down. Equalization payments to Manitoba must be increased."

This is the text of a postcard that was delivered to several thousand households in the federal constituency of Winnipeg-Fort Garry in April of this year. The riding is that of Lloyd Axworthy, Minister of Manpower and Immigration. It was chosen because Axworthy has supported government economic policies and he is the most prominent (and only) Liberal MP from Manitoba.

The postcard to be returned to the MFL/NFU mailing address, was accompanied by a brochure that outlined the problems inherent in reduced equalization payments to the province (social service cutbacks), abolition of the Crow Rate (destruction of the family farm and drastic impacts on the province economy), and high interest rates (placing the purchase of a house beyond the reach of most families). The campaign resulted partly from decisions taken by the Canadian Labour Congress to mobilize public opinion against the most recent federal budget. It also arsoe from the desire of the Manitoba Federation of Labour and National Farmers' Union to collaborate in areas of mutual interest to their memberships.

The campaign, having only recently been initiated, cannot yet be evaluated. According to one MFL spokesperson, there is the possibility of a follow-up to this campaign, but this will await evaluation of the results.

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