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Year Published:  1982
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2562

The newspaper Kinesis is published ten times a year by the Vancouver Status of Women. Its objectives are to enhance understanding about the changing position of women in society and to work actively toward achieving social change.

One article in this issue, "Salvadoran Women Fight Against Double Oppression", explains how the junta currently governing El Salvador represents the interests of a tiny elite.A small percentage of the population controls most of the land and a disporportionate amount of national income. Women face more severe socio-economic problems; the majority are employed only a few months of the year during harvest, and their wages are a third less than those of men.

Fifty percent of Salvadorans are illiterate, but this figure includes twice as many women as men. Nevertheless, it is often the women who are ultimately responsible for the survival of their families.
Refugees caught trying to escape across the Honduran border are taken prisoner and subjected to torture. For women, torture almost always includes gang rape and other forms of sexual abuse. The Salvadoran Women's Association (AMES) was formed on International Women's Day in 1980. AMES works to provide an organiztion through which women can participate in the liberation struggle and fight for the specific rights of women.

Another article, "More and More Nicaraguan Women Are Organizing", describes the progress women ara making since the revolutionary government of the FSLN (National Sandinista Liberation Front) has been in power. However, Nicaragua is still living on an "economy of survival". This article describes how there is optimism that the greater participation of women will help boost national production, and allow for development to begin to take place.The national women's group, AMNLAE, with the help of the government is working to improve the labour power, rights, and conditions of women.The author notes that the "incite to action" campaign advising "Advance women with your participation" seems to be working, and that "the direction the women's movement is taking is synonymous with the national quest for autonomy and independence."

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