St. Louis - Sud - Community Newspaper
Vol. 3, No. 9 - Periodical profile published 1976

Publisher:  University Settlement, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1976  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX253

Community newspaper serving the residents of St. Louis, Montreal. Printed in English, French, Greek & Spanish.

Abstract:  The community newspaper serves the residents of St. Louis, Montreal. The feature article in the current issue deals with the struggle of various citizens' committees in St. Louis against Paxil (formerly Concordia), a development corporation. Phase 1 of the Paxil Project began 10 years ago and it involved the demolition of over 250 dwellings in St. Louis. Phase 1 was a success for Paxmil despite citizen resistance. Paxmil still owns about 600 homes and Phase 2 of the project is about to be launched. Because of growing community opposition, it is not likely that Paxmil will continue its demolition plans. Instead it is fair to expect that the developers will begin renovating the remaining houses. The effects of this organized renovation programme are not to the advantage of St. Louis residents. Tenants will suffer because Paxmil will move them out (by trying not to renew leases) and after renovating the flats, rent them for higher prices than the original tenants could afford. In light of such an obvious threat to their housing situation, various St. Louis organizations and street committees are organizing to collectively fight Paxmil. As an aid in this stuggle, the newspaper includes an article on the legal technicalities of tenant's rights, particularly in regards to evictions.

Other articles in this issue include "The Great Gas Rip-Off," a continuing report about the citizen coalition against Gaz Metropolitan as well as a study of Canada's "sell-out" to foreign petroleum industries. A chart entitled "Mother's milk -- Nutrition during Lactation" is also included in this issue. An extensive activity and coming events section is included for St. Louis residents.

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