Buchans - Company Town

Publisher:  OXFAM Nfld., Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1975
Pages:  80sl   Price:  $10 (rental)   Resource Type:  Slide Show
Cx Number:  CX250

A history of Buchans, Newfoundland, and the advantages and disadvantages of a company town.

This montage presents a history of Buchans, Newfoundland, a company town; Buchans was built and is owned by the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO). The montage surveys both the advantages and disadvantages that the Company brought -- While ASARCO was able to provide Buchan's residents with jobs and with minimal housing, it deprived them of profits, workers' health and unrenewable natural resources.

The montage also features songs performed by the residents of Buchan as well as interviews with them.
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