Why socialist Susan Neiman says 'woke-ism' is not leftist

Date Written:  2023-04-12
Publisher:  CBC Ideas
Year Published:  2023
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX24935

All marginalized peoples or people who have been oppressed in the past need deep solidarity with other people.



I'm not an ally. I don't want to be an ally. Allies are based on interests. The United States and the Soviet Union were allies for a short period of time when they had a common interest in defeating Nazi Germany. And as soon as that was over, they became enemies. We don't need to go into whose fault that was. There were lots of people at fault. But what that example shows is that if you don't base solidarity on deep principles that you share, it's not real solidarity.

Q: Where do you see the excesses of what you would call 'woke-ism' most pronounced?

Ah, where not? Every place I go, I hear another story. Look, critical books are not being published, critical plays are not being presented. Or if they're presented, they're being rewritten in certain ways.
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