Amazon wants surveillance robots in every home

Camp, Lee
Date Written:  2022-10-10
Publisher:  Mint Press News
Year Published:  2022
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX24787

Amazon's new home robot is charged with privacy violations in line with the Roomba and the Ring.



We’re just inviting a tiny military that doesn’t bleed into our homes. Who knows what that thing’s up to all day! Sure, it starts out nice and friendly – checking to make sure your doors are locked, pointing out a spot you missed while you were sweeping – but then it starts looking for your drug stash, checking your porn preferences, finding old letters to your ex you couldn’t bring yourself to throw out, and alerting Amazon HQ to the fact you have some stolen rocks from your trip to the Grand Canyon. I won’t accept that. I want privacy. Everyone has secrets, and if you don’t have secrets, you need to get a more interesting life.

With new technology, people always argue it’s fine at first. Like Roomba for instance. People thought it was just a vacuum robot. It wasn’t up to anything, right? Then, as reported by VICE, we found out that Amazon bought the Roomba company so they could map the inside of your house. I don’t want Jeff Bezos to know about my crawl space, my safe room or my his and hers love toilets. I thought I was getting a vacuum slave, but it turned out he was a narc.

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