War, Peace and the Media: Propping up the U.S. Empire and Risking the Planet
Fourth Edition, Expanded and Updated

Zwicker, Barrie (ed.)
Date Written:  2023-01-07
Publisher:  Connexions / Alphabet Publishing, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  2023
Pages:  120pp   Price:  $20 print edition   ISBN:  9781927470091
Library of Congress Number:  PN4914.W36 Z95 2023   Dewey:  070.4/333--23
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX24723

This fourth and greatly expanded edition of a work first published in 1983 questions the dominant narratives about militarism and war, and their relationship to global heating, as well as the role of the media in distorting and suppressing truths about their relationship. Contributors to this new edition of War, Peace and the Media challenge the U.S./NATO version of the Russia-Ukraine war and its historical causes, and highlight the role of mainstream and social media in sidelining or silencing dissenting information and opinions.


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In memoriam: Joyce Nelson
Preface to the Fourth Edition
The main enemy is at home
A proposed solution to the Ukraine war
The media and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an unfinished story
War propaganda about Ukraine becoming more militaristic, authoritarian and reckless
The Bucha killings
From Cold War I to Cold War II: A brief history
Perpetual U.S. wars
U.S. military bases, installations and deployments in other countries
Overthrowing other countries' governments
Hiding in the open
The military's carbon bootprint
Hiroshima at 77: Another Hiroshima is coming - unless we stop it now
The dawn of the apocalypse

Introduction to the Third Edition
The Needle is Deep Into the Red Zone
The Myth of Symmetry
Public Health Research vs MX Research
Our Portrayal of the Soviet Union Dooms Ourselves
Preoccupation with Demonology, Bone-deep Current of Darkness
Big Lie of the Arms Race
"Tell me, Daddy, Who's the Baddy?"
The Media and Civil Defence
One Paper's New Attitude Toward Peace
Historic Film Withheld 36 Years
".. and they were doing Cartwheels."
Words and War
Media-MX Deal Denies Protestors' Rights Through News Blackout
Journalism/Arms Race Direct Links
Inside the Mushroom Cloud
Part I: The "Physics Package"
Part II: The Human Package
Dying of Radiation (The Nuclear Death of a Nuclear Scientist)
Journalism and The Bomb
A Crisis of Perception
Peace Organization Contacts Include Scientists, Citizens, Generals
Publications Diverse and Informed
Renewing the Impact: "Extra-Visual" Journalism


Barrie Zwicker
Ulli Diemer
Greg Mello
Glenn Greenwald
Scott Ritter
John Gittings
Joyce Nelson
John Pilger
Chris Hedges


Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Title: War, peace and the media : propping up the U.S. empire and risking the planet / Barrie
Zwicker, editor.
Names: Zwicker, Barrie, author, editor.
Description: Fourth edition, expanded and updated. | "A Connexions-Alphabet Publishing
co-publication." | Includes bibliographical references.
Identifiers: Canadiana (print) 20220494916 | Canadiana (ebook) 20220494940 | ISBN 9781927470091
(softcover) | ISBN 9781927470107 (ebook)
Subjects: LCSH: War-Press coverage. | LCSH: Militarism-Press coverage. | LCSH: Climatic changes-
Press coverage. | LCSH: Mass media.
Classification: LCC PN4914.W36 Z95 2023 | DDC 070.4/333--dc23

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