American Military Power

Blum, William; Gottinger, Paul
Date Written:  2013-01-29
Publisher:  Dissident Voice
Year Published:  2013
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX24603

An interview with William Blum, a long-time critic of U.S. imperialism and the author of Killing Hope and Rogue State.



The international corporations have a lot of feedback into the administration, much more than you or I do-that’s for sure. But, they also have more than feedback. They have money. They keep people like Obama in power. When you give millions of dollars in physical contributions you expect something in return. Obama is completely aware of it. This is common knowledge and common sense. So, there shouldn’t be any surprise that any president will cater to the needs of these international corporations. This is especially true of the ones that are in the military area. They reap huge benefits. Like one of the reasons the US has expanded NATO so much is because every new member of NATO has to spend something like 2 billion dollars on new military equipment to reach a certain standard of NATO. And the US companies, not surprisingly, sell more of this equipment to these new members than any other nation. That’s one example of the many ways in which US foreign policy benefits these multinationals.

As much as the US intervenes it rarely picks on a country which can defend itself and China is one of those countries. I don’t think the US will actually intervene militarily against China. China can shoot down US planes and retaliate in many ways on the sea, on the land, and in the air. It’s easy to invade and bomb Iraq, Libya, Iran, and so on. But China is something quite different.

The US has also made countless moves against Russia in the past ten years. The US is almost surrounding Russia. In the cold war it did many similar things. The US is constantly looking to surround its potential enemies. Russia and China are the only two nations in the world that pose a real threat to the US Empire and its unlimited expansion.

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