Through Pluripolarity to Socialism
A Manifesto
Publisher:  International Manifesto Group
Year Published:  2021
Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX24412

Our Manifesto appears in this moment of danger from deep and wide discussions
among activists of all continents representing many socialist traditions. Its historical
and theoretical assessment of the present conjuncture seeks to advance class and
national struggles for socialism.

The International Manifesto Group began discussing the fast-changing political and geopolitical economy of the world order and its national and regional components at the beginning of the pandemic. We are from around the world – North and South America, Europe and Africa, West Asia, Russia, China, East, South East and South Asia – and aim to be even more inclusive. We represent a diversity of currents of socialist thought. We meet fortnightly and hold zoom events on major issues. These are published on this website. The core of our analysis is our Manifesto, ‘Through Pluripolarity to Socialism’, and we believe engagement with its themes to develop them further is important for further left advance.

Subject Headings

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