Women's Liberation: Notes from the Third Year

Koedt, Anne (ed.)
Pages:  142pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX24407


Table of Contents

1. Liberating History:
The First Feminists - Judith Hole and Ellen Levine
The Trial of Susan B. Anthony

2.Women's Experience:
Why I Want a Wife - Judy Syfers
Getting Angry - Susi Kaplow
Woman in the Middle - Florence Rush
Black Feminism - Cellestine Ware
Loving Another Woman - Anne Koedt
A Feminist Look at Children's Books - The Feminists on Children's Literature
Speaking Out on Prostitution - Susan Brownmiller
Men and Violence - WBAI Consciousness Raising

3. Theory and Analysis:
The Building of the Gilded Cage - Jo Freeman
Independence from the Sexual Revolution - Dana Densmore
Marriage - Sheila Cronan
ADC: Marriage to the State - Andre Leo
Slavery or Labor of Love - Betsy Warrior
Prostitution - Barbara Mehrhof and Pamela Kearon
The Spiritual Dimension of Women's Liberation
Rape: An Act of Terror - Pamela Kearon and Barbara Mehrhof
The Woman Identified Woman - Radicalesbians
Lesbianism and Feminism - Anne Koedt
A Woman's Place is in the Oven - Sherry Sonnett Trumbo

4. Building a Movement:
Free Space - Pamela Allen
Consciousness Raising: A Dead End? - Carol Payne
The Selling of a Feminist - Claudia Dreifus
The Fourth World Manifesto - Barbara Burris

5.The Arts:
The Independent Female - A Play by Joan Holden
Women's Private Writings: Anais Nin - Ann Snitow
Women Writers and the Female Experience - Elaine Showalter

6. Bibliography

Subject Headings

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