Women's Liberation: Notes from the Second Year
Major Writings of the Radical Feminists

Firestone, Shulamith; Koedt, Anne (eds)
Year Published:  1970
Pages:  126pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX24406


Table of Contents

I. Women's Experience
The Bitch Manifesto - Joreen
Woman and Her Mind: The Story of Everday Life - Meredith Tax
Love - Shulamith Firestone
The Politics of Housework - Pat Mainardi
A Female Junkie Speaks - Interview by Lucille Iverson

II. Theories of Radical Feminism
Radical Feminism - Ti-Grace Atkinson
The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm - Anne Koedt
The Institution of Sexual Intercourse - Ti-Grace Atkinson
Female Liberation as the Basis for Social Revolution - Roxanne Dunbar

III. Founding a Radical Feminist Movement

Issues: The Left Debate
Women and the Left - Ellen Willis
Sequel: Letter to a Critic - Ellen Willis
Hard Knocks: Working in a Mixed (Male-Female) Movement Group - Carol Hanisch
Them and Me - Anonymous
The Economic Function of the Oppression of Women - Suzie Olah
"Consumerism" and Women - Ellen Willis

Issues: Consciousness-Raising
The Personal is Political - Carol Hanisch
A Program for Feminist "Consciousness Raising" - Kathie Sarachild
Resistances to Consciousness - Irene Peslikis
False Consciousness - Jennifer Gardner
Man-Hating - Pamela Kearon

Issues: Organizing
A Critique of the Miss America Protest - Carol Hanisch
On Abortion and Abortion Law - Lucinda Cisler
An Abortion Testimonial - Barbara Susan
A Report from the Law School, 1968-69 - Marion Davidson
What Women Want. For Starters. - Congress to Unite Women
The "New Feminist Analysis" - Bonnie Kreps
The Founding of the New Feminist Theatre - Anselma dell' Olio
On Class Structure Within the Women's Movement - Barbara Mehrhof
Power as a Function of the Group - Pamerla Kearon

Issues: Manifestoes
Sexual Politics: A Manifesto for Revolution - Kate Millet
Redstockings Manifesto
The Feminists: A Political Organization to Annihilate Sex Roles
Organizing Principles of the New York Radical Feminists
Politics of the Ego: A Manifesto for N.Y. Radical Feminists

Subject Headings

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