The Non-Nuclear Way: Creative Energy Alternatives For Canada

Rosenblum, Simon
Publisher:  Regina Group for a Non-Nuclear Society (RGNNS), Regina, Canada
Year Published:  1982  
Pages:  112pp  
Dewey:  333.79
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2429

This book on nuclear energy and its alternatives places its focus on Canada.

Abstract:  This book on nuclear energy and its alternatives places its focus on Canada. It integrates and summarizes the growing body of scientific literature which shows the dangers nuclear energy poses the present and future generations. It describes the dangers to workers and the general public from nuclear technology - from uranium mines, nuclear reactors, accumulating radioactive wastes and the worldwide proliferation of nuclear weapons

The Non-Nuclear Way also outlines the technological alternative for Canada - the "soft energy" path of energy-efficient conservation, solar energy and biomass. It discusses the role that natural gas, hydro-electric power and coal could play in making the transition to a society and economy with sustainable and renewable energy system.

The book exposes the role of economic and political power and privilege in maintaining and expanding nuclear power and in trying to control and undercut the democratic and environmental potential of the soft energy technologies. The author stresses that the issue confronting out society is not just where the energy is to come from, but how the production system is organized and governed.

The Non-Nuclear Way concludes with a list of reference materials and a list of several Canadian organizations with concerns about the environment, nuclear energy and weapons, disarmament and alternative energy issues.

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