Metro Toronto Daycare Workers Local - CUPE 2484
Organization profile published 1982

Publisher:  C/o Penny Nollgordon 39 Carr Street, Toronto, Ontario
Year Published:  1982  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2410

The vast majority of daycare workers in Canada are unorganized.

Abstract:  The vast majority of daycare workers in Canada are unorganized. Many of them earn very low wages. Non-unionized day care workers in Metro Toronto make $8 700 annually (on the average). Some Toronto day care workers have joined a new day care workers' local, CUPE 2484 (Canadian Union of Public Employees). The goals of the union are to negotiate a contract that will improve working conditions, salaries and benefits for day care workers and to therefore encourage workers to remain in the field. They hope to organize the majority of day care workers in Toronto and to provide support to other centres across Ontario that want to unionize; they are also committed to working toward free universal daycare.

These workers feel that existing day care services are available because day care workers have been willing to accept poverty-level wages. The union is therefore working with parents and sympathetic boards to pressure the government to provide adequate funding for quality daycare. In Ottawa, parents, boards and workers successfully fought to obtain increased funding from the municipality and the Province. In Toronto, active day care workers and parents are now launching a campaign to demand a direct grant of $5.00 per day per child (subsidized and non-subsidized) to provide additional funds to increase wages of day care workers.

At CUPE's recent annual convention in Winnipeg (October, 1981), two resolutions were passed that relate specifically to daycare. Copies of these resolutions are available from the above address.

This organization no longer exists.
See also CX2410.
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