Australian investigative journalist exposes Guardian/New York Times betrayal of Assange

Grenfell, Oscar
Date Written:  2019-08-10
Publisher:  World Socialist Website
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23844

Sources reveal new first-hand information exposing the extent of the betrayal of Julian Assange by the Guardian and the New York Times and refute lies both publications have used to smear the WikiLeaks founder.



Davis said the assertions by Guardian journalists that Assange exhibited a callous attitude towards US informants and others who may have been harmed by the publication of the document were "lies."

David Leigh and Nick Davies, senior Guardian journalists, who worked closely with Assange in the publication of the logs, have repeatedly claimed that Assange was indifferent to the consequences of the publication....

Davis explained that he was present in "the bunker," a room established by the Guardian to prepare the publication of the documents. "Nick Davies made the most recurring, repetitive statement that Julian had a cavalier attitude to life. It’s a complete lie. If there was any cavalier attitude, it was the Guardian journalists. They had disdain for the impact of this material."

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